nwzPaper is about publishing anddiscovering
history in the making.
Ordinary people and professionals, alike, are empowered
to makethe news and discoverthe world inprogress.

New Laws

Whether it's local, national or global legislation, we all need to inform one another about what laws are being drafted, debated and signed.

Sporting Information

The history of sports goes back thousands of years. Rally your fellow fans and preserve the memories for future enthusiasts!

Fashion, Music, Art and Entertainment

What cultural trends define your community today? We'd all like to know who is creating tomorrow's masterpieces.

Economic Competition

A truly global economy has created significant opportunities and dispruptive technology generating social and economic volatility. How is it impacting your community?

Scientific Breakthroughs

With each day that passes, the technology we experience the world with is redefining our lifestyles and social structures. What changes are technology driving in your life?

Modern Health-Care

Modern healthcare has come a long way in the last century. Where are we going next and what are the current trends in health and wellness?

Crime is Destructive

Criminal behavior undermines social order, promotes fear, causes financial hardship and wrecks lives. Shine a light on the darkness; we all need to know!


No one can deny the profound influence of religions and the significance of spiritual being. How are you and your community spiriually impacted today?

The futuredoes not fit in the containers of thepast.
-Rishad Tobaccowala

What is nwzPaper?

History is the human story documented in
real-time for future generations.
Whether you want to call it data, information or news,
nwzPaper is here to help you makehistory
and help others discover it.

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The price to participate

A true artist
is not one who is inspired,
but one who inspires others.
-Salvador Dali

why use nwzPaper

You live in a rapidlychangingworld
where timeis money and
money is tight.
The nwzPaper technologyis designed toeliminatepublishingbarriers and help your work bediscoveredwhilehelpingyour communitystay informed.

Google has over 23 billion different webpages that can be searched for information today. With SEO strategies now a standard practice, publishers-large and small-are back to paying for content promotion to attract readers and subscribers to their message. nwzPaper gives you a complete end-to-end system for writing, publishing, distributing, discovering and subscribing to the writers and content you want. As a member of the nwzPaper network, you're your own boss, but you're not alone!

The opportunity is today. Join, write and tell the world what's happening in your life and community. Future generations want to know!

News is somethingsomeonewants suppressed.
Everything else is just advertising.
-Alfred Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe


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