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Deutsche Bank and Dekulakization

Dan McReavy - 06/10/2016 17:42 CDT

Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany

All of the major "money center" banks have done this for over 10 years.  The difference is that the biggest banks can muscle the little banks for a chair when the music stops.  In Deutsche Bank's case, the German elite were replaced with a bunch of emasculated Nancys following their WW2 loss.  The banking center in Germany is still in "West Germany" to this day.  The bad news for "all" of Europe - whatever that means anymore - is that Frankfurt is where all of the EU's banking policy is administered from.

In today's world, weak bank equals weak State.  Never mind bitcoin, take your favorite messaging service - AIM, Yahoo, iMessage, etc. - those are all more sophisticated than our present international banking system's fundamental software.

It is impossible for the present social conditions to achieve a steady-state circumstance (peace) as long as the international banking system is run on SWIFT or anything that is approximately the same thing, for that matter.  While SWIFT only had two data centers prior to a decade ago, SWIFT still only has three data centers today: two in the US and one in Europe.  This creates both concentrated power and concentrated risk.  While China and Russia are working on their own Asian equivalent to SWIFT, this will only result in a shift in the polarity of power from West to East should its success be the outcome.  Society needs a new operating system, but a new SWIFTling is not the answer.  Power wants to flow from high to low concentration naturally and the Asian SWIFTling can establish a functional low-energy state and the potential for a power shift, but it cannot achieve a true balance of power.

"The new boss is the same as the old boss!"

Deutsche Bank is a HUGE deal because when the bank shareholders "bail-in" the depositors (charge the global banking system's losses to their accounts), like was done in 2013 in Cyprus to hammer Russian oligarchs (strategically-targeted losses because Cyprus banks did not have many non-wealthy, non-Russian depositors).  A bail-in will only hurt the upper middle-class of Germany/EU while strengthening the relative position of all Global elites who can keep the music playing longer and suppress competition from the middle-class.  The outcome will certainly be adding to the poverty-level class.  This is to say, the slave-labor class.  My definition of a slave is someone who depends upon another for sustenance and their labor results in a functional hand-to-mouth, paycheck-to-paycheck, existence.

Forcing deposit haircuts upon upper middle-class further entrenches the position of global society's wealthiest people and weakens the relative standing of everyone else.  This is precisely out of Stalin's playbook, but applied to a non-agrarian society.  Deutsche Bank bail-ins (charging losses to Deutsche Bank depositors) are not the "final solution" and should be understood as a very temporary gap solution to "buy" more time.

"The richer peasants were labeled kulaks and considered class enemies. More than 1.8 million peasants were deported in 1930–1931."