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The Nation Needs an Executive Bond

Dan McReavy - 27/07/2015 08:21 CDT

Washington, District of Columbia, United States

A major problem with the US political process is not just the cost of running for the executive office, but the grossly deficient compensation of our nation's first executive.  I woke up this morning with this problem on my mind and got to thinking about a special class of treasury bond that could be created.  To give it a name, the "Executive" bond could close the Executive's compensation gap and ensure that we have a full field of the most-qualified candidates competing for the job.  The Executive bond would also ensure that the Executive's financial interest is tied to the stability of the US dollar and the prudent stewardship of the nation's financial resources.

Executive Bond Idea Outline

12-year maturity on each tranche (three terms to reinforce strong policy continuity across sitting executives)
Only redeemable by the Treasury at maturity (non-marketable like Social Security's Bonds)
Fixed-Rate Coupon
Last in line seniority (last bill paid, so other bills are paid first)
Federally Tax Exempt - It does not make sense for the nation to pay the President and then take a portion back in taxes.Tranches Granted Annually (~$25mm/annually) @ 3% interest coupon this would add $750k annual compensation to the current salary (per year, per tranche)


Align executive financial interest with the long-term interests of the nation
Stable Dollar Fiscal and Monetary Policy
Prudent fiscal management
Diminish financial incentive to executive bribery

Comments are welcome as this a very early-stage idea.  The idea is to encourage a complete field of candidates and a comprehensive menu of skills.The President of the United States of America is grossly under-compensated and a special class of US Treasury bond should be created to close the gap.