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Mardi Gras 2015: Mr. Cellophane rolls with Bacchus!

John Collins - 16/02/2015 18:29 CST

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

The 2015 Bacchus Mardi Gras parade rolled last night in New and its theme was "Children's Stories That Live Forever."  The 2015 King Bacchus was movie star, John C. Reilly with diverse credits including Ralph in  "Wreck-Ralph", "Step Brothers" (and other films with Will Ferrell), "Guardians of the Galaxy", and this writer's favorite, Amos Hart in "Chicago."

Friday before Mardi Gras weekend he stopped by the New Orleans Children hospital giving the residents movies and the rare opportunity to meet the voice of one of their favorite cartoon movie stars.

If the 2012 Bacchus King Ferrell wowed the crowds of New Orleans Mardi Gras parade goers, King John, Mr. Cellophane himself, blew them away!  Some said that King Ferrell in his bright, cheery, red robes had the look of a Disney King.  King John wore deep burgundy robes with wide, golden bands and a thick, heavy crown.  Bearing a mace-like scepter, he had the look of a warrior king, nobel, yet fierce enough to stand against barbarian hordes.

The thunderous sound of adulation was deafening at times as he road through the streets, gracing the crowds with his presence and throwing them treasures from the King Bacchus storehouse.  He threw double hands full of dubloons, the royal coinage of Bacchus bearing his visage, as well as beads and other items, often blessing them with a kiss before launching them to the hands raised in supplication.

Throughout his ride he maintained character in his role as King John, toasting Mayor Landrieu and his entourage and later the Krewe of Orpheus with the sobriety and demeanor of a true, royal ceremony.  Some might find he lacked as the senior celebrant of the god of wine but he left this writer feeling proud of the role model he was for the children who came to pay their respects.

Congratulations King John!  May you live long and give us many more years of great and inspirational performances.  Long live King John!  Long live King Cellophane!

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