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Catch a falling star - Harrah's Gulf Coast Casino and Hotel

John Collins - 05/02/2015 05:03 CST

Biloxi, Mississippi, United States

While on an unplanned stop in Biloxi, Mississippi it was a pleasant surprise to check in on Priceline and find 3.5 star hotel,  Harrah's Gulf Coast Casino and Hotel, listed at $10/night cheaper than the local Super 8 Motels.  So for $39 for the night (plus tax and fees that pushed it up to $55.80) the reservation was made.  Hotels and motels often sell empty rooms at a reduced price as anything is far better than nothing.

The motel is located at 280 Beach Boulevard, Biloxi, MS., right on the main drag just accross from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico beach.  There is a bridge for residents of the hotel to cross to the beach without setting foot on the road.  With ambient temperatures going down below freezing in the evenings, the heated pool and whirlpool make the the walk unnecessary.  The courtyard around the pool has palms and there is one at the center of the whirlpool.  The changing lighting at night make the water of the pool and whirlpool an artistic place to relax.

With rooms purchased with Priceline, the hotels receive a notice of the reservation, including the rate the purchaser paid.  This often results in the room being the top floor, furthest from the elevators, in need of repairs, etc.  In the case of this Priceline rental, the furniture in the room was of lesser quality than in the Harrah's photos on the website.  Instead of the comfortable armchairs with footstools it had a couple nice quality kitchen chairs, the bathroom sink faucet had a continuous drip, and the television reception was of a quality one might expect from a coat hanger and foil in the predigital era.  The bed was extremely comfortable and the blanket covered for the heat never kicking in even when turned up to 80.

While walking through the corridor another patron noted carpet spotting which seemed a dominant feature of what may well be the "Priceline" floor.  As one Instagram follower noted, "That's a great carpet pattern, Of course, that splotch at the top reminds me of a cop show shining a black light to look for..."  Likely as not, they are bleach stains from post party clean up.

Though there were a number of minor unpleasantries one might expect in a one star motel, the rock bottom price of this fallen star makes it a scratch and dent, bargain hunters dream.  With that in mind, compared to the one and two star motels at the same price range, Harrah's Gulf Coast rates a 3 out of 5.

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