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Prison Not A journalist Home

Pat Robert  Larubi - 08/11/2014 10:06 CST

Gulu, Gulu, Uganda

Release Jonathan Akweteireho , the proprietor of Masindi News Network [MANET] NOW

Jonathan who is now languishing behind bars after being arrested following orders from the resident district commissioner for allegedly circulating malicious information about the wrong deals relating to the construction of Masindi-Kyenjonjo road.

According to Ismail Bategeka who filled the story Jonathan was arrested as he visited one, Kanti Rogers who was arrested yesterday from Ikon Grill hotel as he was trying to devise means of petitioning the speaker Rebeeca Kadaga over the same matter.

The duo who are now in the cold room now are being accused for inciting violence since they beard the word ‘conquer or die’ in their write up a statement police claims can spark a wave of violence among the locals.

Speaking from behind the walls of the cell to KKB news reporter, Kanti Rogers said they all these movies are aimed at derailing their action to send the voice of the local people to parliament as local efforts by the leaders seem fruitless.

“I will not give up this cause urging that ‘the Conquer or die’ is a Bunyoro's motto and there is no way they would desist from using it as projected into their petition” Kanti said.

According to Jonathan the brain child behind the popular social media platform MANET the move to have the locals sign the petition to be delivered to parliament comes after several years of failed promise and enactments that have been left to accumulate dust in the concerned offices.

“We need to raise a million signatures in two weeks for our petition to hit the floor of parliament for further deliberation and reconsideration” Jonathan said.

Residents blamed the move by authorities to raised dust over the journalist turned activist now as an orchestrated move to derail development efforts in the region. It can be notice that in early July the same platform moved a motion and drive to raise fund for the construction of a pit latrine in the district hospital after the ones in existence were at the verge of collapse but this was blocked by authorities…

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After failing the campaing for the Toilet they showed up and built a toilet in record 2 weeks to replace the old ones that has taken a decade. This makes one to wonder if they will always need an alarm bell to click them into action could the road drive be another move to tickle the government?