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HiPipo Music Awards 2015 kickoff

Pat Robert  Larubi - 05/11/2014 09:05 CST

Kampala, Kampala, Uganda

HiPipo has today kicked off activations for the 3rd HiPipo Music Awards (#HMA2015) with the theme ‘The Fans Decide’.  The grand finale will be held on 7th February at Wonder World Auditorium Kansanga.

 “HiPipo Music Awards 2015 will be bigger than ever before. We are putting everything in place to ensure that music stakeholders continue to authoritatively and objectively recognize and appreciate those talented Ugandans who have worked extra hard and have dominated the waves, media space and musical events in the past 12 months courtesy of their good music. Our sponsors will be unveiled in the weeks to follow,” Innocent Kawooya, CEO HiPipo said, adding:

“The tagline remains ‘The Fans Decide’. No one has the right whatsoever to underestimate the role of music fans. The two words ‘Music Fans’ represent almost each and every stakeholder of music but at different levels. The Music Fans are the ones that listen to and watch the music, they religiously pay to attend music concerts and also market this music in any way possible. They thus have the ability to collectively decide on who is hot and who is not. Their joint opinion is always representative of what is happening in the industry. ”

Introduction of a Music Assembly:

However, unlike HiPipo Music Awards 2014 that saw all categories’ winners 100 percent decided by the General Fans, #HMA2015 will have 8 categories determined by a combination of General Fans and an endorsed HiPipo Music Awards “Music Assembly” that is a body of select Music Fans that are extremely respectable music stakeholders. The voting contribution will be 60:40 for General Fans and Music Assembly respectively.

Innocent noted that; “In order to strike a balance, we are setting up a music assembly. This will have up to 25 respectable members who are music fans and who will cast a secret ballot for the top 8 categories. Results from this ballot will contribute 40 percent of the final vote and will be tallied together with the 60 percent from the rest of the fans before a winner is decided.”

#HMA2015 activities have started with all the official nomination channels (online, mobile and hard copy forms) opening. This is going to be followed by regional stakeholders’ engagements in Masaka, Mbale, Gulu and Mbarara.

At regional levels, HiPipo Music Awards 2015 will source nominees for the Best Regional Songs. Songs eligible for nomination in the regional categories must have been recorded by musicians based in those particular regions and must be in the region’s local language(s). Participants in Regional nominations will include musicians, media houses (Radios/TVs/Print Media) representatives and fans based in each specific region.

Kampala activations will involve meetings with the key music stakeholders (Musicians, Talent Managers, and Media houses, Promoters, Producers and Fans). It will be during the meetings that these stakeholders will nominate their preferred artistes in the different categories.

Altogether, #HMA2015 has 35 categories, 10 less than the 45 categories for HMA2014. The reduction is a result of the removal of the gender categories.

There is a special new category “Most Active Fans Group” that will see the most engaged fans group win a BULL as a symbol of appreciation of Fans.

“Last year, we split up genre categories to have best Male and Female in each. The feedback we got was that while the split meant that both male and female had same winning chances, it reduced competition. The board collectively agreed to merge these categories and have one winner per music genre.”  Visit www.HiPipoMusicAwards.com for the full list of categories and starting filling your nomination forms today.