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Medieval amusements, music, and recreational art in Michigan

John Collins - 25/07/2014 15:44 CDT

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Let's face it.  Sometimes reality just isn't what it is cracked up to be and you want to get away to another place and time where the modern stresses didn't exist.  Renaissance Fairs are a great place to escape where you can listen to medieval music, watch warriors in battle, shop for arts and apparel, and partake in tasty delights.  While the Mid Michigan Renaissance Festival has come and gone for this year the BlackRock Medieval Summerfest is going strong at The Olde World Village for the next two weeks and the Michigan Renaissance Festival begins August 16th and runs through the end of September.

This weekend at BlackRock you can watch jousts by the Brothers In Arms and hand to hand combat between knights in shining armor with Her Majesty's Royal Guard.  Then wander over to the stages for juggling, fire eating, music, comedy with Ric RocTopsy TurvyKnotty Nauticals, the Wonder Elixir of Life Company, and more!

Stop by the Moore's Rolling Smokehouse for some delicious chicken, brisket or pulled pork or the Hickory Hut for a breadbowl of soup!

Just to the north of Moore's Rolling Smokehouse is the camp of the Vikings of the Great Lakes, Western Michigan's living history group that celebrates the life and times of the Vikings.  You can wander through the camp and watch them as they spin, sew, smith, and split wood.

A weekend at the renaissance fair wouldn't be complete without stopping by the shops and picking up something sweet for your sweetie or yourself.  The Artic Forge has works of art and you can watch as they heat and pound out their wares in forge and on anvil.  From Candles by the Bunch to Becca's Wood Working, you are sure to find something fun to add to your home decor.  To truly get into the spirit of the Renaissance, stop by the costumer shops and pick up  an outfit or two to wear around the fair.  Visit with Dave at Theatricks and peruse their wide selection of items and apparel suitable for a medieval masquerade.  For those who prefer feathers for their masques, Beckalyn's Masquerade has a wonderful variety of handmade masques, ears, tails, and other items to make your costume truly foxy.  Speaking of foxes, before you leave, check out the leather works of Gere Hakin and his lovely assistant, Lillian Fox!

So head on down to the BlackRock Medieval Summerfest in Augusta, Michigan for a weekend of fun!

John N. Collins is a writer, photographer, videographer, producer, and enjoys cheap sushi!