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Nowhere to call home..South Sudanese Refugees ponder move

Pat Robert  Larubi - 23/04/2014 10:15 CDT

Kampala, Kampala, Uganda

CHILDREN AT THE CROSS LINE VOTE THIS PHOTO NOW......Djaipi refugee settlement camp in Adjumani district, Northern Uganda turned into home to more than 2000 South Sudanese, it is a refuge from the fighting but it lacks shelter, health and sanitation facilities, as the fighting rages on more than 30,000 refugees have made it to different reception center across Uganda. However, Ugandan authority have expressed fear on the overwhelming numbers, Titus Jogo, the emergency coordinator in the office of the prime minister says it has become too difficult to provide a hot meal because of the high numbers. Impact of war in African countries leaves most women and children helpless a challenge that drags on in all nations lock in civil strife.. FOLLOW THE LINK http://africarising.strutta.com/entry/6583015