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Pat Robert  Larubi - 21/12/2013 10:39 CST

Kampala, Kampala, Uganda

Over 500 Traders from Different nations have fled South Sudan in within the week as violence rip apart the new nation.

The police spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema while talking from his office said that most of the traders who are fleeing South Sudan are Ugandans and Kenyans.

Okema said that over 3000 were Ugandans, 922 Kenyans, 328 S. Sudanese fleeing to Uganda and 47 Indians.  He said that Ugandan police have been deployed to the border post to see that there is good security.  He said that they were using sniffer dogs to trace for any hidden weapons.

The police spokesperson also explained that most of the traders were brought to Uganda in buses which were escorted on Thursday to Juba.

Many lives lost as report is yet to confirm the scenario.