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A review of John R. White's latest 'Neverland' novel

John Collins - 19/10/2013 22:01 CDT

Toledo, Ohio, United States

With his "Airship Neverland" series, John R. White enters the hallowed halls of the masters of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror not as a worshipper but with the pomp, circumstance and regal majesty of the Jester.

In "Tales of the Airship Neverland Volume II: Captain Hook and the pirates of Marswe travel to worlds of fantasy including Edgar Rice Burroughs' Pellucidar, the underground world of perpetual sun at the earth's core.

In White's earth's core, Victorian era scientists of super-genius intelligence and questionable sanity, have established research facilities that would make Wiley E. Coyote envious. Meanwhile elsewhere the crew of the Neverland have been searching heavens, earth, and aether for the dreaded pirate Captain Hook but are recalled back to Earth by the Crown of Brytannia

Fans of the Science Fiction and Horror classics will revisit some of their favorite places and characters as Mr. White blends them together with a tongue in cheek twist.  Page after page he will keep you turning and make you smile as you journey beneath the earth or through the sky and aether as he describes the magical and mundane.

For instance:

"By and large, Peter enjoyed a very happy life, living in another version of reality than the London he knew. Now married to the most beautiful girl he ever met; hell, his life was just awesome.

Peter leaned over to kiss his wife’s forehead. As he placed a soft kiss on her, Tink’s mouth immediately fell open and a gasping snore started coming forth. She began to drool on the pillow as well. Oh well, Peter smirked. That’s the difference between fantasy and reality."

If you haven't read his first novel, "Tales of The Airship Neverland: A steampunk fairy tale. (Volume 1)" give it a read!

"Tales of the Airship Neverland Volume II: Captain Hook and the Pirates of Mars" will have its official "Coming Out" party in two weeks but you can get your copy now on Amazon!

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