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"Juaritos" - a well executed social thriller!

John Collins - 06/10/2013 12:43 CDT

Hollywood, California, United States

Writer/director 's Juaritos introduces the viewer to the very real social issues taking place just across the Mexican border.

Juaritos begins by informing the viewer of the situation in the drug cartel controlled areas of Northern Mexico via the main character, a Narco Blogger named Ivan, played by .  

The video goes from the harsh but distant facts of the Narco Terrorism of Northern Mexico into a scene normal everyday life at a convenience store, drawing you into the reality with the commonplace interactions.

You find yourself smiling with the characters, hoping with them that they can find happiness amid the horrors that are a part of their daily lives

Things then come to a jarring climax when the two worlds violently collide.

Most video "Shorts" have just enough time to establish the scene and introduce you to the characters in order to understand the one liner joke at the end.  In twelve minutes, H. F. Crum packs more into the video than many full length features are able to fully convey.

Bravo to H. F. Crum and the excellent actors, , and  who pulled off this brilliant work.

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