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An interview with Denver's acoustic artist, Johnny Filth

John Collins - 22/06/2013 03:44 CDT

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Johnny Filth is an acoustic artist and a record producer with his own net label and resides in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado.  After chatting with him online a bit I asked him if he would mind doing an interview.  He graciously agreed.

John Collins (JC): What is your background and what led to your desire for a career in music?

Johnny Filth (JF): My working with samples and various other noises started when I was kicked out of school in 8th grade. I was just using the basic Windows recorder program and samples I found online or recorded from in the house. Then for awhile I used a PS3 with the Music Creator game, hooked up to a tape deck, then I'd take those cassettes to a record store where they were transferred to CDs. At one point I was in some kid's garage band, but mysteriously all the tracks went missing when I left it. For the past couple years I've used various computers, like the Macbook I use now.

(JC):  Very cool!  You have mentioned to me some of the interesting things you have going on.  Please tell me about your current projects.

(JF): At the moment my main concentration is on Snowfeeder, with about three or four albums in the works, including one that was just released, Obedience/Starry Wisdom, on As Kvlt As Hell Records, and a single, Babylon Falling, on my own net label. I have another project, "Common People", with my wife, that's in the works and various other projects as well. I'm trying to find a bunch of my old material to release, which is quite a bit.

(JC): Where do you plan to go from here?

(JF): To the Crystal Pyramids, they obviously have amazing acoustics. Working on different projects with different people, trying to start-up my net label, and further diving into sounds and noises. Maybe even seeing if I can still write anything.

(JC): How about telling me and your fans something weird and wonderful about yourself that your fans wouldn’t already know.

(JF): I would love to open a haberdashery for dogs, as well a shoe factory for kittens.

(JC): Hmmm...  There could be money in that.  Probably not but sounds like fun!  Thanks again for the interview and I wish you the best of luck on the sound art!

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