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Steam rose to the top at Origins 2013

John Collins - 19/06/2013 01:04 CDT

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Mateusz Kaluzny of Q Workshop in the winner's circle at Origins 2013
Mateusz Kaluzny of Q Workshop in the winner's circle with Kevin Sorbo at Origins 2013

This past weekend in Columbus, Ohio the Game Manufacturers Association held the 2013 Origins Game Fair.  For the lovers of steam it was a great show with Steampunk fans in costume including some top creative minds in the gaming world.

The nominees for the Origins Awards included a steampunk theme in the accessory Best Gaming Accessory category.

Best Gaming Accessory
Castle Panic: The Wizard’s Tower – Fireside Games
Dungeon Tiles: Castle Grimstead – Wizards of the Coast
Metal Steampunk Dice Set – Q Workshop
Pathfinder Battles Miniatures: Rise of the Runelords – WizKids games
Pathfinder Serpent’s Skull Dice Set – Q Workshop

In spite of the competitors including some of the biggest companies in the gaming industry, the winner of the category was, indeed, the dice company - Q Workshop - from Poland who made the steampunk dice.  With two of the competitors including WizKids and Wizards of the Coast the question rose, "Was it a surprise Q-Workshop even beat Wizards of the Coast?"  The general thought on the matter was that the awesome, metal, steampunk dice were a clear winner over the Wizards cardboard squares.  When Mateusz Kaluzny of Q Workshop was asked about it, he pointed out that really their biggest competition was from the competing Dice Set for Pathfinder so they were, in effect, their own top competition.  Check out the interview with Mateusz Kaluzny.

Mike Richie and Grant Wilson from Rather Dashing Games
Mike Richie and Grant Wilson from Rather Dashing Games

Another delightful surprise at Origins was to find the creative team of Mike Richie and Grant Wilson and their Rather Dashing Games.  Mike and Grant are long time gamers and friends since 5 years of age.  Mike has been working in the gaming industry for years but Grant lost his path in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood until last year when he escaped from 8 years of servitude to the entertainment industry via his show, "Ghost Hunters" on the SyFy network.  He stepped away from the show to spend more time with his family and to start the Rather Dashing Games company with his dear friend Mike.  Mike is the designer and Grant is the artist that gives the images to Mikes creative efforts.  Check out the interview with Mike and Grant, Check out their website, and then go pick up copies of their games!

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