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Automaton will rock you with the power of steam!

John Collins - 15/06/2013 11:16 CDT

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Automaton at Colossal Con 2013
Automaton at Colossal Con 2013


If you are not familiar with Power Metal you may find Automaton an acquired taste, much like a teatotaller finds whiskey and hard liquor to be an aquired taste that will leave you gasping for air.  (Yes, mom, this music is definitely not for you!)  If, however, this is your genre and you are a steampunk fan, you are in for a treat you won't find anywhere else.

Automaton at Colossal Con 2013
Automaton at Colossal Con 2013

Automaton takes their heavy metal music and powers it with steam.  With hair flying, beats pounding, and lyrics that tell a steampunk story, Automaton will blow you away if you.  The music of Automaton isn't sweet, soft music for those who want something to listen to on a quiet evening to gently caress them and rock them to sleep (if you are looking for that, check out Steam Powered Giraffe, they're awesome!)

There is nothing gentle about Automaton's rocking.  It will rock you, shake you, and if you get too close to the mosh pit it may pick you up and toss you across the room (you have been warned!) but you will definitely not find it somnerific.

If Steam Powered Giraffe's Honeybee is a gentle massage and sweet caress of music, the Steam Powered Metal of Automaton is a deep tissue massage by a massive German Fraulein named Olga, grinding her elbow through your back to touch the floor beneath you.  You don't so much listen to their music as you feel it penetrate your flesh and rattle your bones.

So if you are in the mood to be shaken and not simply stirred, Automaton will rock you with the power of steam and leave you gasping for more!

Check out The Weird Review interview with Automaton and then check out more photos of the bandtheir website and their music!

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