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Ponies, Bronies & a Jackass - an interview with Mike Holman

John Collins - 22/03/2013 05:11 CDT

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Mike Holman was a cast/crew member of MTV's "Jackass" and has been in several indie movies. A few years back I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Holman at the 2010 Wizard World Comic Convention in Chicago, Illinois (my first Wizard World convention.)

Though I had never seen any of his works we had a pleasant conversation.  Later I discovered he was one of the judges for the Wizard World Costume Contest, which is right up my alley. While Mike puts on a bad boy attitude, he has a love for comics, costumes, cosplay, and rough exterior aside, a gentle heart, which has led to our paths crossing repeatedly and becoming good friends.

Last summer Mike invited me to attend Midwestria, a "My Little Pony" convention in the Chicago area, with him.  I hadn't known that there were "My Little Pony" conventions but Mike went on to educate me in the ways of the ponies and bronies (male fans of "My Little Pony") and how big the fandom is, to the extent that Star Trek's John De Lancie is an executive producer of a documentary called "Bronycon: The Documentary" (which raised over $300,000 on Kickstarter, more than five times its goal!)

With Wizard World opening up a new comic convention in St. Louis, Missouri this weekend, it seemed a good time to check in with Mike for an interview.

John Collins (JC): Hi Mike!

Mike Holman (MH): - Hello Mr Collins.. heard a lot about you. So glad to finally meet you!

(JC): Thanks for agreeing to do an interview with me. Until we shared a room at Anime World in Indianapolis last summer I didn't know what a Brony was, let alone that you were one of them. It seemed like half the night when I was working on photos and such you were saying, "John, you have to come see this!" and I would come over to look at your laptop and hear, "Isn't Derpy cute?" as you played a Youtube clip. For my reader's sake, tell me a bit about yourself.

(MH): -Well that whole thing there takes the mick out of my whole "we just met" introduction...but yes, we have known each other for a few years now, and yes, I converted you to Bronyism. Anyway, Hi, I'm Mike Holman, little known actor and all around jack of no trades, best known for a small stint on the wildly popular Mtv's Jackass.

(JC): for those who don't know, what is "My Little Pony"?

(MH): - A brilliant revamped cartoon from the 1980's. Im sure theres not a man woman or child alive that hasnt heard of them.

(JC): What is a Brony

(MH): - A brony is typically a man, who as a child was taught that liking girls toys, such as My Little Pony was a cardinal sin, and was teased and taunted for liking it. and as an adult, or young adult, fell in love with the new "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" series and is NOT afraid to say hi, im a guy, and I like this show.

(JC): how did you become such a huge My Little Pony fan?

(MH): - Fate. I found a Brony shirt in a local shopping mall, liked it, bought it, was called a Brony and researched. I instantly fell in love with 2 characters, Derpy Hooves and Fluttershy.

(JC): Until this summer I didn't know there were My Little Pony conventions. Tell me about Midwestria and your experience there.

(MH): - Midwestria was my first convention if its type. It was an amazing time. one of the first cons I have ever done as a guest that every single person I met, and spoke with, was full of love and fellowship. I had an amazing time and cannot wait to attend more.

(JC): So where to from here Mike? More "My Little Pony" cons? Other events?

(MH): - Stay Tuned. Add me to facebook and see  (devious smile) Thanks for listening, and youtube Derpy Hooves.. you will fall in love too viewer!

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