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What makes news so special?

Dan McReavy - 12/12/2012 01:24 CST

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

"Whoever would overthrow liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freedom of speech."
- Benjamin Franklin

Not all information is special like news.  Everything other than news is historic information that doesn't posses the community value, time-sensitivity and geographic relevance of news.  nwzPaper is structured not just to promote community content publishing, but also to organize and localize content for readers in real-time around the world.  Let's consider those three special features of news content that distinguish it from all other information.

News is information for the general public, it's not private information

If something is of concern to your community and you are in the know, it's your duty to educate your peers.  Expose corruption, so it can be dealt with.  Acknowledge admirable community leaders, so we can thank them.  Explain laws and proposed legislation so that ordinary people can understand it without having to hire a team of lawyers.  Tell the world about new technology and how it can make their lives more efficient and less burdensome.  Analyze the performance of your favorite athletes -- local or professional!

You are a part of a larger community whether you like it or not, so do you part and enrich your community by helping everyone stay sufficiently educated on current events.  Start writing and sharing information!

News is time-sensitive information

Until the printing press emerged, it wasn't possible to educate common people and the secular society.  Until the telegraph emerged, the only way to send information great distances was by foot, beast, boat or train.  With the internet, everyone is capable of reporting news to a global community, instantly!

We have many different forms of social media networks today, but none are specialized for the task of news reporting.  nwzPaper has been formatted to maintain the familiar print newspaper look, but organize content published by anyone anywhere around the world in real-time.  That means the editorial layer between you and the world is only a computer, your mind and the time it takes to translate the information in your mind into text.

News is geographically relevant information

Print newspapers have traditionally been constrained to covering their local market and licensing content from third-parties for national and global coverage.  Why?  Well, those Yankees probably don't have the time or inclination to know what's happening in Dallas, Texas.  The same can be said for the people of any two cities around the world almost all of the time.  People have busy lives to live and we don't have the luxury of time to familiarize ourselves with everything happening everywhere around the world, all of the time!

You just want the news that's relevant to you and that means only the most important local, national and global coverage presented to you.  nwzPaper delivers just that by enabling every writer to pin his article to a specific location.  When a user pins himself to New York City, he will only received articles pinned to New York City for his local news, United States content for National and for Global, the most popular articles published around the world.

nwzPaper is not exclusive, it's efficient.  All articles are available to anyone, anywhere, but for the average reader nwzPaper is designed to give you just the most important stuff without any extra work.  Who determines what is most important?  You and the collective nwzPaper community!

The print newspapers can barely afford the editors they do have in the narrow markets they cover, so we built nwzPaper not to need human editors.  We're letting the market be the editor and only moderating content reactively for abuse.  That means more localized content from the people that are a part of history in the making, not the people interviewing them.  Do your part and tell the world what you see happening!  It's easy and anyone can do it.